Scientific Classification
Official name Psylo Cybine Sapientes
Order Fungi
Family Mushrooms
Genus Goomba
Origin Never Never Land
Year of discovery 1985 (Goomba); 1990 (Chibibo)

Ever since their discovery by an Italian plumber from Brooklyn in 1985, the Goomba have been said to be an aggressive, poisonous type of mushroom. Chibibo has been no exception to this assumption.

However, one can ask himself or herself how much damage a 5 cm (2 inches) walking mushroom can do to the human body. Although it has two sharp teeth pointed upwards, there have been no reports of Chibibo using those teeth to bite a living object. Perhaps even more amazing, over the past years more and more people have claimed they have had intelligent, humorous and even romantic conversations with it, and that it is a very friendly creature by nature. Some of these people say they have become close friends with it.

Chibibo still is a mystery to science though. Nothing is known about its eating habits, no pictures have ever been taken, and nobody has been able to come up with proof of its existance. But with more and more people claiming they have seen it and conversed with it, scientists expect a breakthrough in research within the next decade. If only they were able to catch the critter...