A couple of months after the Final Fantasy Mailing List was founded, its members decided they should have a meeting place where they could chit-chat with each other in real-time, rather than by e-mail. In the beginning this place was the chatboard on founder John Daley's homepage, but after Magus registered the #ffml channel on the DALnet IRC network, that quickly became the offical FFML chatroom.

The official meeting time is every Saturday at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, but the odds are you will find other list members in the channel no matter what time or day you get online.

Below are the basic guidelines for the channel, as proposed by current channel founder Dark Lord Eric.

Try to get along, okay? This IRC channel is supposed to be fun, not some hyper-totalitarian regime! These rules were created to keep things going smoothly. These rules are not set in stone, so you may sometimes see minor violations of them.

  1. Don't be abusive to your fellow IRC Chatter. Don't call them names, flame, or /kick, unless it's understood that you're joking.
  2. No constant bickering. Bickering is different from general debate in that bickering usually has only a small part of the channel involved, and usually continues after all logical arguments have been discarded in favor of obscenities. This really tends to annoy the people who are just trying to chat.
  3. If you don't have AOPs, don't beg for ops. Begging includes asking, requesting, demanding, or indication that you would like to have ops. If you deserve ops, you'll get 'em.
  4. Try to keep debates intelligent. One informed statement is worth 1,000 "sux/rools".
  5. Don't spam. Spam is unwanted masses of text, oftentimes from scripts. If you decide to turn on your "8-ball" script, and people ask you to turn it off, please do. However, if everybody is having fun with it, then it's okay!
  6. No wordkicks. No scripts that kick people because they say certain words. Very annoying.
  7. No excessive swearing. It's all fine and dandy to swear, it's just a good idea not to use f**k, sh*t, or a**hole as every third word.
  8. Don't dredge up old issues. If we've just quieted down from a religion debate when you join, don't bring it back up again.
  9. Be respectful to other's opinions. If someone likes a certain game/movie/band, don't diss it out of hand every time it gets mentioned just to piss them off.
  10. No annoying away messages. Keep it to one line, little-to-no colors, no ASCII art, and on a 5 to 10 minute timer. Please.
  11. Be polite, even if you disagree. If someone asks you to do something, reply "Why, may I ask?" not "Screw you!" Same goes in the reverse. If someone is bugging you somehow, please say "Could you please stop it?" as opposed to "Quit it, dickweed!" Things will go a lot better if you do.
  12. Be respectful to other's topics and bans. If someone sets a topic for a reason, such as to advertise their newly updated homepage, add on to the end, rather than deleting theirs. If someone sets a ban against a person, let them unban them or wait until it runs out, unless it's a ban that was mean, or part of a some sort of an intra-channel squabble.
  13. Spoilers are a huge no-no. The accepted time before a game is considered fair to talk about in detail is six months, but always ask before you spoil start to talk in detail, because we are not rich people, and some times it takes us a while to buy games. Examples:

    Spoiler: "Have you guys gotten to Zeromus yet? I need help!"
    Non-spoiler: "Has anyone gotten to the last boss of FF2 yet? I need help!"

    Spoiler: "Did you guys see Aeris die yet?"
    Non-spoiler: "Have you guys finished the end of FF7's disc one yet?"

    But first ask, "Can I ask a question about (game name)?" If people respond "Don't spoil it!" then be careful. This is one of the most important rules on #ffml. People will get very angry if you spoil games for them. You have been warned.
  14. Finally, remember, there is an /ignore command.