the ffml has a presence on irc. or many presences, rather. in the past, saturdays at 7:00 pm in room #ffml on dalnet have been when and where people officially meet. occasionally, there will be branches of #ffml on espernet

while irc frontends do have menus to guide you, they involve a lot of strenuous clicking, and tend to be more convoluted than it is worth. thankfully, irc is command based, so you can tell it exactly what you want it to do.

.. type: /server to connect to dalnet
.. type: /server to connect to espernet

.. once connected, type: /join #ffml

irc software may be downloaded from the following non-ffml affiliated list. pick your os, sucka!

.. windows 95+
.. windows 3.1
.. 68k macintoshes
.. mac os 10+(beta)
.. unix
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