.. the final fantasy mailing list was founded by an individual named john daley in 1996, along with eleven others. some of these people still exist on the list in some form or another, and even john checks in on his baby every so often. whenever they come up in discussions, they are referred to as "the original twelve," which sounds like it would make a bitchin' name for a massive r&b funk outfit. unfortunately, i don't know if any of the original twelve play bass. gooshi plays bass.
.. and if by now you are still reading, then you have passed the "are you ffml material" test. we are more of a band of final fantasy enthusiasts than a mailing list devoted to final fantasy. if final fantasy comes up, we will talk the heck out of it. when a new final fantasy game is released, we'll talk about that for many many months. with the exception of final fantasy nine. that had its run for all of two weeks. not really a list favorite. otherwise, we talk about everything else. and we talk a lot.
.. as far as conduct on the list, don't ever ever ever post more than one blank email for any purpose other than to test. that will introduce you to a world of pain. aside from that, be courteous. no bigotry either; we hate that more than empty posts.
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